Being myself

by Khanh Vu on 9 November 2016 10:22am : 1059

What if we got it all wrong? Since we were young, we were told to blend in. Fit in. Where what she's wearing. Study this because Jane Do from next door is studying it. Become a doctor. Become a lawyer. Being different isn't "normal."  What is "normal?" That 1+1=2. That to be someone, you have to have more stuff. That being in the rat race & have a job is what success looks like.

I love this quote by Oscar Wilde - Be yourself, everyone is taken. Therefore - I am unique. There is no one in this world like me that has the same finger prints as me. The same eyes or voice like mine or the same sequence of strengths like I have.  Did you know that to find someone with the same unique top 5 signature themes in the same order as me is 1 in 33 million?

So why try to be the same when our DNA is designed for us to be different? Being myself is awesome! Imagine if you could allow your strengths to choose your career path? What does that look like? How does it feel?


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