Are you spending your life doing what you don't like to do?

by Khanh Vu on 14 November 2016 10:26am : 1118

What if you can LOVE WHAT YOU DO?

"What is stopping you finding a career or creating one that you are passionate about?"  What are you passionate about? Its just not one passion but many - what is it that engages you?  Gets you all wide eyed and smiling from ear to ear when you talk about it?

If money was not a problem and you can make the switch today, what does that look like?  How does it feel?

I invite you to explore this.  Take a moment and jot down what your ideal job would look like.  What does your day look like?  From the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed.  What are your focus & responsibilities?  Who do you see working with you?  Once you have a clear vision, share it with me via email with the subject line "My Ideal Career."  I promise to take time to read it and call you back to begin exploring how you can make this be your reality.  Please note - this does not mean you have to leave your currently company - to find your ideal career.  The ideal role maybe right there but has not yet been realised.

Imagination creates possibilities so give yourself the time and space to just imagine what is possible in your career?  If you are struggling perhaps begin with, "Accept Failure as part of the Process."  Failure is how we learn and evolve.  Give yourself permission to just imagine and take action by sharing it with me.

Life is short.  Life is precious.  Life is a celebration.  Life is about Love What You Do.  How could you think of wasting another moment spending your life doing what you don't like to do?


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