Why your strengths are amazing to others!

by Khanh Vu on 28 October 2016 11:51am : 962

The reason why our strengths are amazing to others....

We can see who someone is before they see it. If we don't say it, they might not get it as quickly. How often do we hear ourselves or others say: "I wish I had known sooner who I was so I can start writing my story sooner".  Or some version of that statement.

Consider our strengths as individual ingredients to complete a perfect dish.  By knowing what those ingredients are & how much to add and when to add it... you simply can not fail making that dish.  It becomes your signature dish that people keep requesting you to make at all the BBQ's and dinner parties. You are the go to person when it comes to executing that dish. You hold the perfect formula for success, and no one else can get that dish to taste equally as awesome as yours.

You didn't even know that you had a signature dish, until enough people requested it from you, which allowed you to practise perfecting that dish, as your beginning for preparing it was from the basis of excellence each and every single time.  This is why others can come close - but not quite the same.



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