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Khanh really bought to life the relevance and applicability of my strengths in our coaching session following the assessment. She understands how individuals thrive and how to create performing teams by bringing the right people together. This insight, coupled with her vast industry experience provided the context to help me reflect on how to maximise my existing skill set, recognise my own limitations and improve efficiency and collaboration with others at work and at home.
S. Davies – Senior UX Researcher

Khanh placed me with NexTag and I was positively surprised about the way she operates, contrary to other recruiters, she keeps in touch with the candidates and offers support throughout the duration of employment. Conducting regular evaluations during the probation period in order to see if the expectations of the employer and employee have been met are valuable assets that are totally obvious to her. She does this effortlessly as she has a sincere interest in people and establishing long lasting relationships (in a business and private environment).

This is how she has created a large international network which is growing vastly and with her open and bubbly personality this success will continue throughout her carrier.
W. Leenes – Country Account Manager

Khanh has consistently been the first call I make whenever I have a new hiring opportunity.  Recruiting can be a lengthy and expensive process that often founders on some vague notion of 'cultural fit', but Khanh has an uncanny ability to pre-filter and only present applicants who have a strong shot at succeeding in the role and company.  Khanh has provided me with a number of 'rock star' candidates over the years and I would certainly recommend her services to anyone looking for high calibre talent.
O. Ridley – Director, eBay UK

Khanh is excellent at really understanding the culture of the organisation and finding us the best candidates that are able to quickly fit in and excel here. I have lost track of the number of folks that Khanh has introduced to eBay and PayPal over the years but without exception they have all been great hires. I very much recommend Khanh
G. Cookson – Senior Manager, Paypal UK

I have worked with Khanh both as someone recruiting for a role and also as someone she helped place. In both cases I found Khanh stands out from other recruiters in that she really takes the time to make a personal connection. This ensures that she fully understands what the customer's needs are. She is also really good fun!
A.Sulzman – Director, eBay UK

Khanh is exceptional at her job. Always available, keen to talk and shows a genuine interest in ensuring your personal success. She is a great advisor and motivator and has a real understanding of your skillset and passions to ensure you are placed in the right role with the right company. Wouldn't think twice about coming to Khanh!
V. Vary – Senior Account Manager

During the one-on-one Khanh explained to me in more detail how to interpret the answers which stated five of my strongest talents. Going through them I was impressed how spot on it was and at which angles Khanh approached my indecisiveness. I was quite impressed that she actually seem to have understood what kind of person I am and actually guided to me to finding a new potential career path. She was able to relate to me and therefore discover what values matter most to me. Very happy with the session and would recommend that to anyone who feels stuck and needs someone's outside perspective who is still able to make it a personal journey.
L. Draeger

Wow Khanh, gave me a framework and multiple aha moments about myself through her powerful and deep insightful exploration of my key strengths within 60 minutes using a proven methodology used by over 14 million people to learn more about oneself.
A.Ali - Startup Investor & Growth Hacker

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